Taimika Lewis - Philosophical Practitioner

The only way is through.

 Having started my early years as an aspiring singer; a series of events forced me away from those dreams. Little did I know, years later that one day my voice would be used in a different way . My identity allows me to help others, whilst mirroring parts of them , rather than projecting one set of way of being. My combined talents and interests between arts and science has sent me on a long and fulfilling path of cultivating the title as "Philosopher of the Mind" -A title I hope to live up to one day. I began my studies in health science, embarking on  a degree within the complementary medicine field, now embarking on degree's in philosophy and post-grad psychology.


I am a philosophical practitioner, focusing on existential coaching, and in the coming years, I will be a qualified existential psychologist. My main focus and interest are artist, and artist personalities, from all artistic disciplines - Whether you're touched with the gift of talent, or gifted with the eye for talent. My method integrates aspects of philosophy, astrology, psychology, metaphysics and alternative medicine. The aim is to move subconscious blocks, and barriers which may keep you in self-imposed prisons. I help facilitate the process of helping you decipher problematic beliefs, and concepts which shape your world. My natural ability of perception, "seeing", knowing and healing through my voice, are the tools that work along side my attained knowledge. We look at the big questions, the questions, and answers buried within your subconscious; These questions help you develop your own personal philosophy. The challenge is choosing to live in your truth, and not the truth constructed by somebody, or something else; the truth will always set you free.


With Love,


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